Kamis, 26 November 2015

Latest package Tidung Thousand Islands

Tidung is a place that tourist island Djakarta, in the district of Thousand. It is divided into two, namely, the Big Island and Small. Tidung by the Small and bridges. This evolved in the direction of marine and reef snorkeling.

The place is located in the Southern Islands part of the journey takes approximately THREE of Angke passengers. Several years Island Tourist ogled by tourists who do not even make nautical exotic locations.

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BST package Tidung 2015-2016:
Tremendous save Tidung TWO INCH Day Night
Tidung TWO INCH Day Night
Complete Tidung TWO INCH Day Night
Complete Tidung TWO THREE Day Night
Tidung TWO INCH Day Night Speedboat

Senin, 09 November 2015


The growing popularity of this tour a particular Islands should continue to be improved. For more interesting to john in a couple that's been islands in the Thousand Islands this is not something. Currently, many holiday serve that's the more access the route, and in the holidays. Some voyage offers exciting promotion in both the price of the facility.

The agent vacations must remain careful in your selection. Provide a facility that's it that's different and a different service is Traveled by some. You do not choose a travel agency in the holiday could be more fun? Recommendations following the journey you decide to services of the agent.

Agents are skilled
In fact limit the travel agents is not that skilled. However, the most visible of that is a few tourist facilities. Whether offered by sense or not? For the first vacation to the Thousand Islands and the services of travel agents, must be correct and choose. You can ask for references or travels that was the agent of the people close ever.

The vacations?
Unlike the trip ticket agent. Tour that covers the facility is located in a leisure facility has been in control of the tour that is by. Facility tours given place, either at the time chose to stay, use of commute, and all the facilities provided. Their handling of the case complains So this kind into consideration to choose the best part.

The price offered
The price of a tour package is directly proportional to services and facilities, but it is not choosing. You should be able to estimate the price that the facility will be obtained that is going. Until the cheap later you get a makeshift facility, or facilities package price.

Some in the agency Thousand Island after reading this there is a picture not in choosing the right qualified agents all respects.