Sabtu, 02 April 2016

Natural Of Bira Island

Paid after a two hour drive from Muara Angke, who tarnish and smell it-- so "King Ekspress", a wooden boat that took about 200 people, leaning on Scout Island. These timber ships namely public transport in use of citizens who can mengahdiri islands in the Thousand Islands, Jakarta and vice versa. Thousand Islands is a cluster of more than 300 islands that are in the Bay of Jakarta.
Pier with clear sea water, pool shark and banding asinine, momentarily spoil our eyes. Scout Island, the island is a stopover for us who can to the island Bira Akbar. Nobody from the Port of Muara Angke reply in unison to Bira Island Akbar. So Many yrs ago, no vessel immediately which can deliver immediately to the island formerly Bira because this island is the island resort which is jointly managed well, before the results are covered by pengelolalanya.

After lunch and dressed we are ready to snorkel. Wooden boats belonging to fishermen have our lease for snorkeling drove us to many spots of coral reefs and to the many uninhabited islands. We absolutely plan check in lodging in Bira against HRI afternoon.
Spot initially that we went to the Island Air. This private island has a beach that is clean, and of course any healthy coral reefs the fish's mouth variety. For colleagues who have not had time to carry out snorkeling, or even can not swim, this is where our guides can provide short training & light regarding snorkeling. Worry and fear should simultaneously vanish megitu watch Diversity of marine life there.

Continue to 2nd spot, we snorkel on the island Maung. The coral reefs of the island, and no less beautiful. Tiger Island is actually also rented out and we could stay there, but because this is a private island, so the rent is very high and not fitting together our bags which 'backpacker-ness'.
Comrades, both who have had time to snorkel in the beginning or not at all, look together. So Many underwater camera to capture the activity of this likable. Each participant is given the opportunity to make stylish trip under water and immortalized along with camera. Our guides give you the tricks that style under water so much easier and looks natural.
Arriving on the island of Bira

Towards 17:30 we arrived on the island of Bira. Dock with glass-clear sea water greet us and forced us create leyeh-leyeh moment on the dock while waiting for sunset. He cried, in this Bira Island, to watch the sunset and sunrise, may be from the same area.
So Many colleagues select create a quick check in at the lodge and hunting sunset from the front of the inn. Specialty mouth right in front of the beach actually be positioned For hunting areas that photograph. Fortunately for us, the sunset at a time when it was performed with perfect, casting orange in the western sky and scored a vertical shadow lines which reflect from the sea water.
All the more perfect our dikala, 18 people who did not know each other, united in revelry. Crab bln in our BBQ menu adds to the excitement of the time we have to work together for breaking the shells and enjoy the meat legitnya. HRI early, passed with cheery.
HRI 2nd at 05.00 we got up for sunrise hunting and around the island of Bira. Island which has an area of ​​14 ha's first resort is one fruit that has a roomy arena golf 9 holes. When this arena has been covered golf field weeds and invisible again, as well as along the swimming pool, looked totally unkempt.

There are approximately 20 cottages there. But since the yr 2005, the resort was closed. Guard island wear 8 cottages for rent to the public, because the state of the building and furniture are still worth For rent.
There snap after snap here and around the island of Bira, we prepared to return For snorkeling. And our spot on the last day of this, namely Pulau Kayu Angin. Even if not a little urchins, but the coral reefs of the island is more mixed. very many soft corals that colorful.
This empty island also has a gently sloping beach along the white sand mouth, clean, and smooth. Arriving here we have no intention for island hopping again. We take advantage when his best to create the best photograph before the call to return to the Jakarta. Wood Island wind, so that the number one trip cover this cheery.